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Our Lawyers
Alongside our staff are our lawyers, all of whom contribute to the success of our legal practice. We introduce them to you along with e.g. the areas of law, the firm’s history and the lawyers’ secretaries.

Our Lawyers

Dr. Günther Kreuzer

Lawyer, Specialised Lawyer for Employment Law

Location: Nürnberg

E-Mail : guenther.kreuzer@kreuzer.de

Head Office Nürnberg

  • Elke Blum+49 - (0)911 20 22 - 111
  • Mohr, Sabine+49 - (0)911 20 22 - 115

Head Office Dresden

  • Isabel Kreter+49 - (0)351 31 55 0 - 181


  • Sabine Mohr+49 - (0)911 20 22 - 115
Curriculum Vitae
1968-1973 Studied Law with several stays abroad
1974-1975 academic assistant
1976 Admission as lawyer
1977 Formation of the law firm
1979 Conferral of Doctorate
1982-1986 Member of the Arbitration Panel at the 1. Football Club Nuremberg e.V. (1. FCN) 
1987 Award of the title “Specialised Lawyer for Employment Law”
1989 seminar activity on Economic Law topics
1990 further admission as a lawyer in Dresden
since 1993 managing director of ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS
1996-1999 President of the arbitration panel of the 1. Football Club Nuremberg e.V. (1. FCN)
since 1999 member of the law and tax committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Nuremberg (IHK)
1999-2000 Vice-president of the 1. Football Club Nuremberg e.V. (1. FCN)
2002 Admittance to "fachanwalt forum arbeitsrecht (ffa)", a forum for specialists in labour law
2003 Appointment as fiduciary lawyer to the Italian Consulate in Nuremberg
2003 Appointment in the European Law Committee of the Law Society of Nuremberg
2006 Elected as the deputy representative for the Consortium of Independent Employers in North Bavaria (ASU) e.V.
2007 Elected as member of the management committee of the German-Italian economic network “Il Salotto e.V.”
English, Italian, French
Coordination of the central services, finances, national and international cooperation